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Creatures I'm hopeful to be added

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First and foremost I want to say that this game is fantastic and I've enjoyed playing it immensely. There is so much potential this game could yield it's crazy. Feel free to comment on my suggestions and ideas. Also I will try to put areas to match some of these creatures in another post.


Centipede: Hear me out on this. In North America the average length of Centipedes are anywhere from .4-4 inches. They have a Wolf Spider that averages .75-2 Inches. Meet in the middle in terms of size and they wouldn't be an end all be all Creature, but they would definitely be a tougher fight. Of course an armor set and weapon ( Maybe a whip due to Centipedes coiling or Khopesh ) would be obtainable.

Praying Mantis: I've seen this one suggested a plethora of times and again, hear me out. Average size of Mantids are 2-4 Inches. You could add in a boss Mantis for the big size BUT add in Nymphs to actually fight. Breaking the legs of a lumbering Mantis would be a fantastic boss fight. Armor set and weapon: Scthye or Sickle.

Cricket or Grasshopper: Imagine a TRUE leaper in the yard. The fights would add in the element of an extreme agile creature that uses jump attacks with audio cues to know when to move. Armor that enhances jump height or distance and a weapon: Warpick.

Tick: We need another bloodthirsty creature and this one would suffice. The grass is quite tall so having ticks in certain areas that wait on grass blades and jump down to attack would be a good jump scare and advise people to be aware of higher up. Maybe armor and weapon: Katars

Fly: Unsure why these aren't a thing already but having food and trash in areas makes sense for flies to be present. Swarm enemy that pester you just as normal life. Armor to improve carrying capacity for food items and weapon: Cudgel

Water Striders: Imagine the pond all still until you see Striders on the surface. It would make use of the lily pads as combat areas and make the pond more formidable. Armor to "Skate" across water and weapon: Unsure

****roach: A durable enemy that could be sparce throughout the yard and make some elite armor with a "Undying" status to survive a fatal blow once. Weapon: Scimitar

Black Widow: Honestly if you want another Spider then go with a true horror. Formidable venom, Sleek black and red design, Patient but deadly. Armor to alleviate poison all together and Weapon: Sais or Kamas.

Ironclad Beetle: This one is boss territory and could make use of the Oak tree a bit more. These beetles enjoy Oak trees in real life so having a boss battle inside of the tree would be memorable. Extreme endurance fight that test all skills. Acorns and "Stashed Goodies" could be found in the area. Armor that doubles damage threshold OR last twice as long and Weapon: Glaive.

Midge: These are another bloodthirsty creature but what could make them unique is that these creatures can survive colder temperatures making them a perfect fit for a Cooler/Mini Fridge area. No armor but Weapon: Frozen "Icicle".

Wasp/Hornet/Yellow Jacket: Now I personally despise these creatures in general but having these guys under the Shed in an underground nest would be horrifying. Multi stinging, relentless, and ever so painful. Armor and Weapon: Throwing Knives.

I made a post about areas in the game to be added and these bugs could fit most of those areas or fill in the areas in game even more. Feel free to comment your likes and dislikes and thank you for reading.

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Some cool ideas there, I'd love to see a scorpion that could then drop a stinger part to craft a tier 3 spear with poison effect. This could also give mithridatism another use as the scorpion could have a poison attack.

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I like a lot of what you have going here FS. I don't think every creature has to have a weapon or maybe they can drop similar parts to ones that already exist. Alternatively I like the idea from scorpions to maybe have the new creatures drop enhancement materials that can be used to add buffs to existing gear like adding poison dmg/resist bye crafting potions to be applied like the witcher or other games have done. This would boost the utility of the potions stations and encourage players to craft more items to hold in inventory. It would also be cool to have some o them craft larger backpacks for more storage space as well.

Great suggestions!

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