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Mutiplayer crash on PC window 11

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I am hosting a game in PC with xbox PC game pass. Total 3 players in the game 1 is window 10, host is windows 11 (myself) and other windows 11 user all in game pass.

The game keep crash for window 11 player for runnning around 30 mins and will keep crashing after 10mins for restart the server. My host notebook is intel 12th i9 with 3060 display game, another window 11 player also a 12th intel i7 with 3060. For the first crash will start from the i7 player with windows 11 and after 5 mins. of the crash, my host notebook with windows 11 will have game crash. I had uninstall my non-Ms anti-virus software and just run Grounded when hosting the game but nothing have improve. Please advise to solve the above issus.



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