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Finally got the Ultimate Achievement!

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 I finally obtained the ultimate achievement!  Black Sanctuary Chanter.  Loved this build!  You can see all the stats and gear i used in the videos.  Here are a few of the fights recorded for posterity.   Running the ultimate challenge was my favorite video gaming experience ever.

I know im (very) late to the game, and not much activity with pillars 1 lately, but its still a valid Ultimate Run!

Love this game!  Heres a few of the important fights:




I died on Llengrath the first time around, and my file was deleted.   I wanted to quit, but for some reason i wanted to get this achievement, so I started all over,  then next time i faced Llengrath i screwed up again and forgot to eat any food before the battle, and the game somehow autosaved with the bog cult apprentice running at me initiating combat.  So no going back!   Ended up winning the fight using alot of kiting on the first try.  A miracle!  after llengrath everything else was easy.   Didnt record llengrath due to massive frustration with the no food autosave,  after building a whole new character just to get to llengrath and screw up again.  

I went into the thoas fight injured and with no food and mopped the floor with him.  Used the redeemer sword that 25% chance to kill vessels, then i dropped the instruments of death and hit withdraw and that was it.  The other important fights are above.

Thanks for tuning in fellow Pillars of Eternity lovers!!  Cheers!

side note:  I really wish i could play deadfire.  but its too frustrating with massive lag, im running mac os 12.6 if anyone knows a way to make deadfire run better on mac please share!  i have done some research and i still cant make the cuba or nvidea control panel work, admittedly my knowledge of computers is limited and issuing console commands and complicated workarounds are difficult for me.

but i will be looking out for Avowed.  

Screen Shot 2022-04-02 at 3.48.37 AM.png

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Thanks!  I originally followed your drake ambassador build (with some tweaks) and then your note about using black sanctuary,  so indeed i owe you thanks!

Looking forward very much to avowed, sounds amazing.  Im glad it will occur in the pillars of eternity universe.




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