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Wolf spiders respawn too quickly

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My brother and I came back to check out the new content after being gone for several updates, and we immediately noticed there's now TWO wolf spiders living under the tree (and our magnificent treehouse base). Though tougher to kill than we remember, we axed both of them on the same day and continued trying out new features. 

Imagine our surprise when, at the dawn of the next day, two wolf spiders were again snoring menacingly under our fortress. Unless I'm wildly misremembering, it used to take around three days for a wolf spider to respawn after being killed. The current daily respawn rate is troublesome for two key reasons: zone control and immersion. If wolf spiders only take a day to respawn, building a base anywhere near a spawn point is a huge risk. Having a wolf spider permanently prowling around your under-construction base is going to result in frequent an frightening deaths, no matter how many times you squash them. That leads into the second point of immersion; when you conquer an apex predator, you should gain control of the area for a reasonable time. One of the foundations of survival games is imposing order on nature but if the nastiest enemies only stay dead till the next day it ruins that sense of taming the wilderness. Plus, regularly scheduled daily respawns of pretty much anything reduce the sense of playing in living world.

I know creature respawn rate balance is probably low on the priority while new features still need to be created, but at least for the wolf spiders, please tone them down so its reasonable to build in the vicinity of their spawn point. Thanks!

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How about slaying two wolf spiders, only to have one immediately re-spawn right behind you? Didn't even have time  to gulp down a smoothie. (Sigh). I have now walled up the tree and moved my grass walkways a little higher. Heard they jump. They do. Found one chilling out in my tower.....eight stories high......wedged into a weed stem window frame, quite pleased with himself. It's not that I can't kill them. Or avoid them. Or trap them. Or build elsewhere. Some of the glitches and jump scares are even funny and entertaining. But the daily grind of murder/spawn/murder/spawn ratio in the gameplay has increased to the point that I spend most the the game cleaning up body parts that I no longer need or want. So.....we need a time out. Some breathing room  between "Ah......I am so gonna die!" moments and "Oh Great Leaping Wolf Spiders!  Again, Charlie! I just sent you to that Great Web in the Sky only a moment ago! Really....isn't it nap time yet?" :)   

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I agree I like the longer respawn rate. Beating them was your own mini goal and the reward was safer hunting/building for a while.

The jumping aspect definitely complicated/destroyed several of my old escape and hunting methods I am a fan of the new behavior. I’m sure if anyone had seen me I person when I realized several tree roots were no longer safe that I was hysterical. Several expletives left my mouth as I tried to last minute bolt after I thought I was safe. If I find one in my base though like LadyBugWins though I may not be a fan. 

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