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Trolling Furrante, something the devs did and didn't think of

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I decided on a whim, what if I keep avoiding Furrante? It seems this wasn't expected behavior, and I can see why, considering how he homes in on you at first opportunity. Anyway...

I killed Benweth without the quest, but the quest completed, and it said Furrante had given it to me, even though I'd never met him. Out on the world map, his ship is still stalking mine and if I let him catch me, he asks me to kill Ben. I reported to him in Dunnage just now, but his boat is still haunting mine.

So anyway, grats Fireballs, you confused the game, woohoo. Yeah no, I didn't make this post only because of that. It's because Maia actually reacts to something Serafen says about Benweth in that first meeting with Furrante. And we all know we have to get to Neketaka to get Maia, so even though you're not supposed to be able to avoid that immediate post-Maje meeting with Furrante, there's at least one interaction that assumes you do so.

I intend to let Furrante chase me across the Deadfire and eventually bring him to Ukaizo with me.

Update: Furrante has now been hanged, but that's not stopping him. Maybe if I let him catch up, he'll ask me to reload and reconsider my decision?

P.S. How I keep avoiding him:


I hired crew in Port Maje on foot, getting me the four star navigator. As soon as The Defiant was put to sea, I put on the Berath's Blessings sails and the +5% speed lantern from I don't remember (backer?). I'm not sure all this speed is needed, but anyway, it's probably as fast as you can be at this point.

Next, if Furrante gets close, I just land on a random island and walk around aimlessly while he leashes back to his starting position. Our ships seem to be exactly as fast now, which does make his pursuit look all the more entertaining.


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