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For my next PoTD project, I think I want to create a Troubadour/Paladin that is good at defense, support, damage, and summoning. To that end, I have some questions:

  • Kind Wayfarer vs. Shieldbearer. If I went Wayfarer, I think I would go for a dual wield build with the Singing scimitar + Modwyr/Scordeo's edge, and I'd play more of an offtank style I guess. For Shieldbearer, I'd try to build around using a (medium?) shield and being the first one into combat. Is one of these approaches inherently stronger? RP wise I have a slight preference for Shieldbearer, but I could go either way.
  • With the Wayfarer, I'd probably build Eder as a swashbuckler distraction tank, while with the Shieldbearer I'd build Eder as a damage-focused swashbuckler or SC fighter (I'm thinking about combining chopping wood and clear the path with Karabörü --- in fact, I kind of want to run this build on with my MC as a great sword Devoted..). Maybe Eder doesn't need to be built as a tank if I'm healing so much though. Serafen/Xoti/Pallegina (crusader) will probably be the third melee.
  • In either case, I'm thinking about 15 might, 15 per, 18 int, 10 everywhere else so I am decent at damage, healing, and tanking. Does this sound reasonable?
  • Are there any standout damage or summon invocations?
  • Brisk Recitation. My understanding is that Brisk Recitation let's me trade-off between doubling up on chants (with Troubadour linger) and getting more invocations/per second. So, for example, if all my chants were defensive in nature and all my invocations were offensive in nature, then Brisk Recitation would let me pivot between offense and defense. Is that right?

Thanks in advance. I know Heralds are old news around here -- so, sorry about that -- but I haven't played one yet.

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If you are inclined toward Shieldbearer by all means go for it. You'll be sturdier with a shield, and thus could more reliably support the party. You'd lose out on the nice healing from the KW, but if you use Lethandria's Devotion as your shield you can heal and also boost allies deflection with it. You could also equip the Outworn Buckler in your offhand. If you switch the weapons rapidly you'll heal and also shorten hostile durations with every switch. This can really come in handy when you're hard pressed.

Your stats look reasonable. As for standout invocations, Thrice upgraded to Her Revenge is an amazing damage dealer from beginning to end of the game. Her Tears is also very good. If you use Balance Polishing Mod White Worms is also fantastic, but it's buggy in the vanilla game. For MC chanters, the ancient weapons is by far the best summons. Prior to then, the wurms can be good, especially if you focus their fire on a single target, like pesky mages. The ogres are great if your party isn't melee oriented. But beware, whenever you fight ciphers they'll charm your summons. Apparently their will defense is low, so they're vulnerable. I usually kill them off before summoning anything.

As for Brisk recitation, it's great if you want to cast invocations frequently. The trade off is you won't have the nice linger for chants that buff your party (or debuffs on the enemies).

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