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I really liked Wael Priest tank.  Wael is like the Trickster Rogue of Priests- many of the same instant cast Wizard buffs for high deflection/reflex (Arcane Veil, Mirrored Image, Llen's Displaced Image) but then access to Priest abilities if you prefer it over access to Rogue.  Trickster Rogue usually has a lot of buzz in forums but Wael Priest isn't mentioned as much so I think it's being overlooked.  Admittedly, modding Eder to be a Priest of Wael makes pretty much no thematic sense but I wanted to try this subclass out and Eder always feels like he should be tanking...

First, Blessing of Wael gets a revamp in BPM to be more interesting- more defense and a random -10 stat affliction to enemies that attack an ally.  Passively hitting enemies with such a strong stat debuff is quite nice.  Symbol of Wael gives concentration to allies which can be beneficial in fights with lots of interrupts.

This build also allowed me to explore some of the Priest spells I had usually overlooked before.  Champion's Boon gives him the engagement he might be lacking along with Resolute/Tenacious as both buffs and as protection against Might/Resolve afflictions which are normally ruinous for a tank as they drop engagement.  Minor Avatar gives every other inspiration as well as some bonus damage/health.  He ends up with enough defense to main tank proficiently, he's very difficult to afflict with his high defense and self-buffed inspirations to block any afflictions that get through, and then he has lots of buffs and heals to throw around in order to contribute to the party.  I've often felt in the past that my Fighter based tanks didn't have a lot to do other than use their engagement and soak up damage so it was fun to have a tank that could main tank, main heal, and main buff all in one.

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Also, Aloth as a Priest of Woedica was fun and interesting so possibly also underrated.  I was going to make a separate review post but it really just boiled down to "Writ of War, Sorcery, and Mending are pretty good!" so maybe this little comment will suffice to encourage others to give it a go if they haven't already.

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