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2 trial of Iron save files wtf?!

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Currently playing potd iron mode and expert.   Needed to go get some food so I saved my game and shut down my computer.  

Came back and loaded up the game and now I have this.... 2 trial of Iron save files how is that possible and what should I do?  I hope I haven't disabled any achievements as that's why I am playing trial of iron.   Anyone seen this?


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And the amount of time between the saves is.... more than 12 hours.  How does that make any sense lol!?  That older save didn't even exist earlier today.


I did update steam cause it wanted me too.  It also says steam cloud error.  Which honestly it says to me all the time and I just play anyway and it takes me right to where I was and then later the sync error goes away.

Please tell me this won't screw anything up !

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And if it hasn't screwed anything up this is a bug.  Because I now have a copy basically of my iron mode file....   I didn't do anything lol just saved the game quit booted back up and had this

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