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I'm pursuing the ultimate challenge with a chanter I just reached level 9 and entered the white march.

Before I invest all my mats on enchantments for armor I want to make the right choice.


I'm wearing bildath Golian  (sorry for spelling)  but I am considering trying a higher damage reduction like white crest armor of even ryonas breastplate.


As a chanter the chants work while prone but not stunned or paralyzed if I'm correct.  Lack of need for any recovery also makes high Dr armor tempting. 

Any advice on which armor choice to take?  Couldn't hurt to have a few I'm talking about the main armor to use. Or should u invest in two and switch them out.  

For me even when switching to a basic higher dr armor I still noticed the difference over bialdath Golan armor....  although I was fighting the ogres which knock down but don't stun.


Taking this challenge very seriously so any help is appreciated so much

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Blaidh Golan is good in combination with Little Savior or Ilfsn Byrngar's Solace. The two preservation effects (+50 to all defenses when prone or stunned) stack and will give you +100 to all defenses.

This makes surviving a ton easier should you have been hit by either prone or stunned. Because of that Blaidh Golan was one of my favorite solo run armors. 

Higher dmg reduction is not very impactful in the late(ish) game because dmg rolls and health/endurance pools scale much more quickly than armor. So I would look out for benefical enchantments on armor rather than the DR value. For example the Wayfarer's Hide has some nice defensive enchantments, too. 

Later you might get something like the Hunter's Mail or also Ryona's Breastplate or whatnot which also have nice effects. DR isn't that important then. 

In the early game high DR is very benefical though because the ratio of DR:incoming damage is much bigger than later in the game.

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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