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Is there an achievement for solo POTD and did i disable it by accidentally taking a party member?

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Hello!  been enjoying the pillars of eternity games for awhile now.  I am attempting my first solo potd run with a chanter, and in an attempt to get palegrenas quest for the sanguine plate, i accidentally accepted her into my party.  I quit right away without saving, and loaded a file that had not had her hired in my party... did i screw anything up as far as constituting a solo run or does it not matter?

Just wondering about this, thanks in advance


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Thank you for your reply Boeroer!  Btw I've read quite a bit of your posts on here and find them very helpful and insightful so thanks for that.  Some of your character creation posts are clutch!  Thanks for sharing your insight.


I didn't save after picking her up and then I quit right away so it should be good.  

I'm going to start a new game and just go for triple crown solo with a cipher.   Pretty sure I've gotten through the hard part with my chanter so it seems possible.  If we're being honest I did abuse some summon exploits early on.  Chanter just sucks after lvl 5 :( until dragon thrashed 


Tbh I'm returning to pillars of eternity after playing deadfire.  I'm on a Mac and the combat in deadfire is just too laggy to make the game enjoyable even though I absolutely love the game.  All graphics turned to low I still can't play the game.

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Update:  after bashing my head against a wall going for the cipher I gave up could not do cad nua.  Some poorly placed starting stats in stealth made it impossible to sneak as well.


So I gave up and started a solo triple crown run with chanter again and it's going great.  I'm in act 2 now and used the sneak tactic at cad nua.


I want to get a triple crown solo or maybe ultimate achievement.  

One more stupid question:  

If I never take level scaling can I still get a triple crown or ultimate or is it required you scale at all times.   

If you don't have to take it I definitely wont.. I would like to enjoy a few fights as an overpowered character with all this energy put into making him strong lol.   Thanks again and will keep updating

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Level scaling not required based on my research to achieve triple crown or ultimate.   Realize thus has been answered before.   But search forums and even the internet in general can be tough on this game.  Which I kinda like 😄 

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With dragon thrashed aoe helped alot.  Going to pursue the dragon thrashed including cc till the end.  I'm only questioning how to beat the top level dragons 🐉 bounties Nd bosses

 Do u need to hit mx lvl first and equipment upgrades then go for them?

Thanks for anything!

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When going solo I would recommend leveling up to the max first, yes. 

Fighting dragon can be easier if you use charm/dominate (Munacra Artet, Spirit Spiral, Ring of Changing Heart). Only one dragon is immune to that - and he comes with a dragon bro who is not. So you can buy precious time to buff up and take out annoying ads while the dragon is even helping you with that. Afterwards you can face the dragon 1:1. You need do buff up accuracy for that, but imo it's a rel. reliable way besides kiting (which always works except if you have no room - like against the Alpine Dragon). And of course use summons like there's no tomorrow. Also prayer scrolls (against fear and stuff lie petrification etc.) are nearly mandatory. 

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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