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Paladin - Abilities - Faith And Conviction modding issues

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I'd like to request a help. Trying to mod Faith And Conviction - a passive talent that adds +4 bonus to the Deflection and +8 to other Defenses. I think the process is fairly simple - open faithandconviction.unity3d, look up the biggest MonoBehavior, dump it into txt, change the "0 float Value = 4" to let's say 12, save the txt, import back to the faithandconviction.unity3d, copy the file back to /gamepath/.../objectbundles/

But this is what happens ingame:

The PC portrait shows 4 new effects in the form of purple circlets I haven't seen in any other effect yet. The passive Faith And Conviction dissapears from the Abilities page altogether as if I've never picked it. There is an alternating talent - Deep Faith - that normaly adds +2 Deflection more, and this changes to +2 attack(!!) bonus in the Deflection stat. The original +4 bonus is gone, stating "Suppressed" in the Talent's page. I've included all in the pictures.

This broken Paladin stuff happens anytime I try to change any other value in the said MonoBehavior. For example the LevelIncrement, so that the PC could have had more Deflection each level.

Any idea what is going on? I've tried to edit also the Deep Faith talent and the paladinprogressiontable that includes GenericAbility entry for the Faith And Conviction... nothing. I've tried to put all these three modified files inside the game or any combination thereof (only one changed, a combination of two changed and one unchanged)... nothing...

Grrr, this is infuriating. Pretty please help :3










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