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Movement and camera control issue - Xbox

The Dyre Wolf


Started up Pillars 2, and I have encountered a strange issue with the movement and camera controls on Xbox. In Pillars 1 and according to the Pillars 2 layout for controllers, the party movement should be controlled by the left thumbstick, and the camera is panned by the right thumbstick.

But what I am experiencing in game right now is no ability to pan the camera with the right thumbstick, it currently does nothing at all in game, and left thumbstick moves the camera with the cursor locked in the center. There is no way to move the party without pressing "A" somewhere on the map to follow the cursor, rather than being able to smoothly guide them around the map, like was the case in Pillars 1 and like the control layout suggests movement should be like. Something is definitely very off, but I cannot find any sort of toggle or option that would have turned this on as a setting. I made a new, clean save hoping the issue would sort itself out, but no luck. 

Is there something simple I just missed or is this a bug? 

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