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Untranslated Points of Interest

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So I play in spanish, and theres a good dozen of points of interest, all from the latest 2-3 updates, that are not translated.

In the previous update, those points, when you discovered them or when burgl sent you there etc, were named like "ES 55 Error" or similar. Now in this patch, this was changed, but not fixed.
Now when I find a point of interest like the access to upper yard, it says in english "Point of interest 54" or similar. And the ooooonly way to really find out what is it, is going to options, changing language to english.

So it would be better if A) we had the points of interest translated. Im sure you have people working for this, but I could translate them in an afternoon (its been like 6 months with them untranslated) or B) have them display their correct name in english, until the day you decide to translate it.

I am a little angry that I had to personally report this in this official forums so it gets, maybe, adressed sometime. Early access is for providing feedback so devs implement it, right? its not even feedback ,its a bug fix report.

This issue has been mentioned in steam forums, by speakers of many languages (so afaik, germans or french are probably getting same issue) and also in reddit. Its not gamebreaking, but theres a point where you dont understand the developers adding so much great content, but this kinda relevant bug staying there for months.

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