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I've run into an issue with my game.  I saved the game in offline mode and a Log Out save was created.  However, when I logged back into the game in online mode, in both auto save and my manual save, it's completely different.  All progress was lost and I was spawned in a completely different location.  Is this an issue between syncing of online and offline saves?  I've very confused and hugely disappointed as I lost a lot of progress.

Just something you might want to look into.


Spiders seem to ignore all barriers when attacking/seeing the player.  I was in my house (up on scaffolding) and the spider saw me somehow and leapt through the floor to kill me.  Not sure how that's supposed to work, but if there's no safety in build structures bases seem fairly pointless unless the objective is to have your base very high.  Not sure.

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Adding another bug encountered.
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