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PC Player: Key-bindings and Keyboard gameplay Suggestions

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Just a few small adjustments that could really help improve PC players gameplay. Some were already implemented in game, but for some reason have been discarded in the update.  One:  Spinning wheel operation: e/w/e......open, retrieve, close. It's quick and efficient. Add items with the space bar. Close with the e key. The change was to discard the e key and use esc instead. This is awkward and slows down the whole process to a crawl. Left hand has to leave the a, s, d, f home row and reach hard left to the top of the keyboard for every spinning wheel. A small change that seems unimportant until you have to spin great quantity of grass rope for that sky bridge that crosses the entire garden.  (Sprigs and rope! Never enough when you need them)! 

Two:  consuming food/smoothies/bandages. Mouse click to choose/space bar to consume. Easy. Efficient. Intuitive. This was changed in the Hot and Hazy update. Again....not sure why it was changed, but Willow almost died  that morning why I tried to figure how to feed her a stack of mushrooms. Still can't rebind Enter to Space Bar. Double click works only one out of three attempts. Reaching across the keyboard for the Enter key is clunky and inefficient. (PC players like to keep their right hand on the mouse at all times and left hand anchored on the home row with the thumb on the space bar). It's just a habit, but one that has proved very useful over many years of gameplay. 

These two changes could really be helpful. Sometimes it's the little things that count. :) Thanks for a great game. Really enjoying the new content! :) 


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PS: Just discovered the "hold e and retrieve all" mechanics added with the update! Brilliant! Saves time. Quick and easy. Another favorite thing. Still would like to use the 'e' key for closing the furnace/grinder/spinning wheel after adding items.  Using esc key is still less efficient and awkward. We close trunks and baskets with the 'e' key. So this would not be hard to change back.  Thanks for a wonderful game. :) 

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