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I just want to share in this game with people who enjoy it as noone in my life/circle does the way I do. I got both of the games a couple of years after they came out and fell in love instantly the choices and variety speaking largely to me finishing one game to play it again completely different but still kind of the same was amazing I have it on xbox and play it on my phone now. I thought I knew about the game before but didn't take all of the official walkthrough properly there's so much more than I ever knew this game always surprises me. The hardest option is being male DS with Mira and crew Dark Jedi I was doing a run through of that but got disheartened not getting a lightsaber from the master on Nar Shadaa and the confusion of how intricate turning of the crew is (have other post). This is the first time I've done the main mission before side quests trying to save the alignment points to help also disappointed I didn't get any alignment points for fighting or talking to him too...how did everyone fall in love with and continue with the game? Might play number 1 just for fun and take the planning out of each dialogue an have fun being bad instead of just at the end lolĀ 

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