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Appropriate "Suggestion" Format?

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Whether this is answered by a direct message from a moderator during the approval process, or decided through the public forum, I have some ideas in my head for suggestions but before I go into all of them I'd like to know appropriate formatting.  

Should ideas be isolated to one concept per thread?

For example, if I had armour ideas would I do all of those ideas in one place, or do each indifidual armour idea as a separate thread? 

Example two, if I had ideas for armour as well as new constructions, or skill trees, should I post the entire "Ideas of lstitchesl" and explain them all, or do "idea one thread" "idea two thread" "idea three thread"? 

Unrelated Question: Are there any indications for if your ideas have been read, or is it as simple as "more likes draws the dev-team's attention?"? 

Thank you in advance. 

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I am not aware that we've received any feedback from Obsidian about format or how to group things for suggestions (outside of they go in the feedback/suggestions forum).

Therefore this is entirely my speculation, but I'd think you'd probably want to group suggestions logically (thread for armor, thread for insects, thread for weapons, thread for skills) rather than a master thread with everything or a unique thread for each idea (either of which could prove overwhelming for readers).  

There isn't a way to identify if a developer has read your thread unless they respond to it (in that case it gets the OBS icon next to the thread).

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