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This is my only problem with the game but other than this I love this game. Me and my friend have progressed really far on a woah difficulty level map which has been very fun but now we work opposite shifts and can't play together very often. He is the host so in order to play I have to use my second Xbox to log into his account and then send myself a game invite to play on my main xbox. Then I play while his character repetitively dies. And to save or sleep I have to back to my other Xbox to use his account because the game won't autosave without host interaction (learned the hard way). I have done most of the work on the map and would love to be able to just log on and play instead of using this loophole. If it were possible to simply switch host that would even be nice but being able to share a map possibly having two or more host would be amazing. Please look into this I really do enjoy this game but this issue is really affecting my game experience.

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