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Firebrand on Pallegina or Maneha, group composition

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I recently acquired the Belt of the Royal Deadfire Cannoneer and am trying to decide on which character I'd like to put it. And that also got me thinking about possibly changing my current group.

Baseline: PotD difficulty, Priest MC and one merc Chanter tank. Currently level 6.

The idea is to have two solid frontliners, and the rest whatever fits. Current group is Pallegina and Chanter in the front, both SnB. MC priest for buff and debuff. Grieving Mother for debuff, also Charm is a wonderful gap filler when one enemy inevitably runs to my backline (kinda like an emergency tank). Sagani for high accuracy hitting and fox suicide tank. Aloth as a Blast wizard.

Now I see two options:

1. Respec Pallegina for two-hander, slap Belt on and use Scion of Flame for all the flame-based stuff she then has: Flames of Devotion, Sacred Immolation, Firebrand itself, Wrath of the Five Suns. Also occasional Flame Shield from belt.

I am just a bit afraid that this will leave her with not enough Deflection to successfully tank. Also I am not really satisfied with the group support she brings - the Zealous auras can be made mostly redundant with a single spell from my MC it appears. What is a Paladin for in this game, compared to the other classes? If I take this, will it bring enough to the table, compared to whoever else I could slap there?

2. Take the Cauterizer build on Maneha and use her to engage/kill those pesky ranged fighters that always wreck my backline. I would swap out Sagani for this, because the fox always dies in the first couple of seconds.

The problem here is that the deflection of this build is pathetic. Far closer to my backline's deflection, my Chanter has almost double of it. So I am afraid if I jump her into the back, she'll get gobbled up. I am aware that Barbarians tank via Endurance a lot, and I got Chanter healing and a Priest MC, but still. Will this really be more effective, especially for stopping pesky ranged attackers and (involuntary) off-tanking, than Sagani and her suicide fox?

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Tanking with twohander is a bit strange choise. As for Maneha or Pellagina - I'd say Maneha is much better character for Firebrand as she will have much more consistent damage output. Zahua another solid firebrand user - turning wheel with firebrand works really nice. But yeah its not exactly front row build.  More of second, rogue style gameplay build.

In theory you can just ignore firebrand on belt and use its other abilities like fire shield. then both priest and chanter can use it

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