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If you want a visual treat...and have the PC version...

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Play the game via Windows 11 with an HDR GPU and monitor, and turn on AutoHDR in the Windows 11 graphic options... This is an SDR game but AutoHDR in Win 11 remaps the SDR color gamut to the HDR color gamut on the fly and it looks really nice.  This is a great looking game, anyway, in SDR, but it improves noticeably using AutoHDR such that I prefer AutoHDR.  (I'm playing with an AMD 50th Ann 5700XT & a Philips 43" HDR 1000-certified monitor @ 4k.)  Very nice!

There is so much they can do with this general game theme, and it's just about the best Sci-Fi environment I've ever seen in a game.  It is wonderfully immersive with the right balance between having to fight and the story itself.  I hope the next game will endeavor to ratchet up the discovery & story elements a bit to take things towards a more convoluted mystery(s) to solve--with a bit more complexity and depth. Looking forward to it!  Got a real winner here!

It's very well known that I don't make mistakes, so if you should stumble across the odd error here and there in what I have written, you may immediately deduce--quite correctly--that I did not write it... :biggrin:

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