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I was planning to go solo ToI with a pure fighter.

Not using stealth and summons, just fighter skills.


Playing on Normal I cleared starting areas around guilded vale and

am now at Caed Nua for the quest.

But there it ends, cause I have been relying on speed to aggro 1/2 enemies but inside the ruins

you can not escape and two phantoms is not possible.

I am level 4 with these stats 13, 14, 12, 15, 10, 14. Dont want to minmax since want to roleplay a normal fighter.


Is it possible at all? Perhaps I went the wrong route?

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I would say Fighter is one of the weakest classes for a solo run, especially if you don't want to use stealth and summons. Soloing with any class not using stealth and summons is a challange to begin with, but fighters have limited uses of special abilities per encounter, their regeneration has a rel. short duration (for solo) and they totally lack potent AoE abilities - so longer fights with numerous enemies get reduced to exchanging auto-attacks which takes forever. At the same time the defenses will not be high enough for long. 

It surely is possible - we had somebody who soloed the game with a lvl-1-ranger who just didn't level up - but overall Fighter is not the best choice. 

Having said that: Caed Nua is a chokepoint and especially difficult for solo characters if they don't use stealth and summons - because the phantoms are so overwhelming and the constant stunning is deadly and nearly unvoidable. If you can make it past there it's going to be a lot easier for a long time until the late(r) game.

Try to make good use of consumables to power through and maybe for once try summons. ;) 


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