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Missing Legendary Loot Card Rewards from A fighter's Tale: Valeros



I have finished each of the missions for a fighter's tale: Valeros, each of them on legendary difficulty. I saw the special animation for each of the loot card rewards, but i don't have them anywhere. I've checked in my collection, the stash, and the unclaimed tab (all with valeros as the highlighted party member).

I've been grinding haunted past to try and encounter the items in adventure decks, but have not seen them. I've been grinding with two characters who have finished no adventure decks, and with "treasure items in story mode" turned off, to maximize the chance of encountering unique fighter's tale cards.

Could i please have the loot items Farmer's Daughter, Old Friends, Trusty Tankard, Boots of Speed, and Trusty Scale Mail applied to my account so i can give them to valeros? (His nickname is rook)

PS: If i could get the old promo cards added to my collection so i can try encountering them too, that would be cool. Like the rooster, festive wool hide, and some kind of bow related to valentines day?

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Update as of november 23, 2023: I have not played this game in quite a while, but it was not solved when i was still playing it. I do not know how to solve this issue.

I have vague memory of a person telling me that the solution(?) is to exile/banish/remove from your deck cards that match a certain category (armor, item, weapon etc), so you can retrieve the special items from the box. However the issue is that you need to have your stash be empty, and it's not exactly easy to intentionally trash cards from your deck. Especially if they are *good* cards you want to keep for another character.

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