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Parry Dagger?

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I prefer using a one handed weapon, but my only options to go with it is be a torch bearer or use a shield. I'd rather be more aggressive, but i don't expect to have two weapon fighting in this game so how about something similar to a parry dagger. It wouldn't be as good as a shield, but it would give dazzling riposte. 

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I was thinking and you probably get atleast 3 types. A dagger for level 1, sai for level 2 and a pata for level 3 equip.

Bow as far as materials you definitely want them to be sturdy so nothing pebblet. Maybe a thistle as they would allow for give without snapping. For the sai it's gonna need to be rated for impact but doesn't need to be sharp. So maybe use bone or plastic(candy wrapper+oven). As far as a pata it involves a full gauntlet and a blade so maybe have pillbug fragment+mosquito+bee barb+spider venom.

Pata normal block would do damage instead of blocking it while a perfect guard would be nasty crit hit at what your sword skill is

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