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Mixed info: What does scale when and what does not?

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So, I wanted to do Crägholdt prior to WM2 (don't ask why I postponed it for so long). 
Before that I went into WM2 just to tackle the Alpine Dragon (easier than Adra Dragon - noone got ko'd). Upscaled WM2 so I don't have to console command toggle it later.

Aaaaaand I was getting my minced ass handed to me on a platter by the Torn Bannermen. Struggled through, got stuck for half and hour in the cave, only to find it to be a dead end.
Went to the leader - who was surprisingly easy - and then the dozen Ancient Death Guards are the end of my journey there. Can't get past them, don't even survive long enough to get all my buffs/debuffs out.

Then I started WM2 properly, collected all the quests, went into the mines, and am currently working my way through there. Slowly. Very Slowly. 1 Vithrack battle, 1 rest. Is fine.

Now I read that the Alpine Dragon gets boosted in WM2, which I thought was not the case. I thought the dragons don't get upscaled? Also why would WM1 contend get upscaled in WM2?
Also read that Llengrath gets upscaled in WM2? Which is another thing I thought was not the case. First, Crägholdt is WM1 contend as well. Second, I read that it would not get upscaled at all.

I am confused...

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