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Transportation for materials and a new creature for the Backyard.

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I was thinking of a new transportation for materials, instead of walking back and forth to your house or landmark, you can put the materials in a zipline. For example, getting a stack of grass planks/weapons/ or materials, tie it up with a clover, then let it zip through the zipline to your house or landmark you want it to go. Also I was thinking of a new creature, called Ticks. When you kill Ticks they will drop Tick fangs for a new dagger called the Tick dagger. They will also drop Tick fuzz and Tick heads for a head mount and a Tick armor set. For the Tick armor it will be a Tick hood, a Tick chestplate, and Tick knee guards for good blocking and inside the chestplate will be the Tick fuzz to keep warm when a weather update comes.

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