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Modding help, conjure earth blight

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is it possible to create an item ability to summon one or few earth blights?

I'm learning as I go, and so far I've change some stuff in other mods for myself by changing numbers/values, adding entries to string table. I've also added a status effect on a ring that gives bonus accuracy to element (keyword) attacks.

I figured that I just put the conjure blight ability on an item and tweak a few things , that would be it, however I want it to summon earth blights only but not sure if that's possible

Also is there an efficient way to hunt down guids and string entries without having to open each gamedatabundle and stringtable file?

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If you look in Attacks.GameDataBundle...

You can search for this:

There's a section where it lists all the different filenames: 

                    "SummonFileList": [
You might be able to make what you want by replicating that (the whole attack)  but with only the earth blight prefab.
You will also need to make your own version of all the other stuff (status effects/abilities) that work with the attack. 
(copy the ATTACK's guid:

and search for it in the Ability/Statuseffect files to check what refers to it)

In this instance there are 2 abilities one is Conjure Blight and one is a Pwgra abiility. No status effect refers to the attack so it is probably triggered purely by Ability.



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