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Tier 1

Sap Arrow. 

T1 arrow + ant egg + 5 sap + boiling gland

Makes a single use arrow that sticks enemies in place for a short time.


Fire Arrow.

T1 arrow x2 + gnat fuzz ×4 + quartzite ×4 + 1 spider silk

Makes x2 Fire Arrows that inflict burn damage to enemies, can double as a short time flare

(bonus damage to hairy/fleshy creatures) eg. Wolf Spiders, Gnats, grubs and Bees,


Acid Arrow

T1 arrow + acid gland

Makes a single arrow with acid damage

(Bonus damage to armoured insects)                                            eg. Lady bugs, Glow Bugs, Weevil, Broodmother, Pill Bugs


Glow Arrow

T1 arrow ×5 + Bioluminescent goop

Makes 5 arrows that can be fired as longer lasting flares then Fire Arrows has a blind/stun effect on insects for head shots 


Tier 2

T2 variants of existing plus new suggestions 


Tier 3

T3 arrow

Bee Stinger + Bee Fuzz

Has a hint of Bee venom still, has a stun value, is increased when fired from the cross bow



Would love to see it upgraded to crossbow+ and have it used as a basic harpoon gun for firing arrow underwater.

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I like these ideas and thoughtful ingredients lists. I hope the devs take note. 

I would really like to see an advancement of the combat system where arrow and weapon hit placement determines the amount of damage, but I realize that it might be too complex to add to the game at this stage.  

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