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Teammates and Mutations

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To unlock the mutation Barbarian and Mithradatism what is the criteria? Thank you. Reason I ask is a friend of mine that plays Grounded with me in Multiplayer has killed quite a few Wolf Spiders and it hasn’t unlocked yet. Thank you.

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7 hours ago, Johnny Wirick said:

the barbarian mutation unlocks after killing 50 creatures with a club and the other is killing 5 wolf spiders. i've been wondering how it works in multiplayer too. not sure if it counts who get's the killing blows.

Thank you Mr. Wirick, you’re correct in your assessment of mutation criteria and I’ve been in dialogue with a Grounded Support Team member and was told some of the mutations are broke which is why I didn’t see them become available after meeting the criteria while playing Multiplayer. So hopefully soon it gets fixed. 

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I had this same issue. Sometime earlier either this week or last, I emailed support. I have shared my game saves, plus screenshots of what happens to my wife and son when joining my game. Every now and again, my game save will have a hiccup and when i launch, my mutations reset for myself..

Part of my own issue might be we're 450+ days or more in-game, and practically have a small village worth of houses and built up content! There are often times of lagging around the map when we get to a heavily crafted area. We have built 30 story towers (stairs only :( ) around the map to zipline everywhere, and huge supply hoard houses because you never know what might become scarce or obsolete (goodbye Armor Glue). I look forward to content updates and to the Obsidian team, keep up the great work!

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