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Achievements not Unlocking in Coop (Host Only?)

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So I can't get any achievements in coop. They are host only. If I join my friend, only he gets the achievements.

I've tried the following achievements in his game: Fine Dining, Lounging Around, Beefing Up, Exoskeleton, Face your Fears. None of them worked.

Not sure if the problem is on my side, but I even tried multiple accounts, nothing worked for me.

Hope this can get fixed!

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So, I have started a game with a friend, he is hosting.

  • First session, we both unlocked 6 achievements, including "Pound Lab".
  • It is worth mentioning that he played a bit alone one night.
  • Then second session, we go to the "Jungle temple", I am the one pulling the switch, but only he gets the achievement...

I am not sure what are the requirements for unlocking as well for the guests.


Thanks for this amazing game, We can't wait to see the rest!


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Hello, can Obsidian devs give us an update on this?
Acknowledging the issue and - if possible - give us a rough estimate fix (if any / next update / next year)?

Thanks again for this game!! 

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