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Save file location / Importing saves in to xbox game pass

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I've got a question about importing savefiles for the windows 10 game pass version.

I've been trying to find the save file location for Grounded. so that i can host the map my friend started hosting (He has a bad internet connection to host..)  I have the Xbox Game pass version but the defeault "C:\User\username\savedgames\grounded windows 10" is not present. I did however find the Xbox package location but I can't load in the "Backup save" My friend send me through the xbox package location. 

Reinstalling the game didn't help to get the save location to be C:\User\username\savedgames\grounded windows 10. 

How am i supposed to import the world save my friend send over to me? 

Kind regards 

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Hello everyone!

Currently, importing save games to the Microsoft Store/Xbox for PC is not working properly, and the team is working on a fix for an upcoming patch. Keep any out for patch notes and updates on our Grounded Twitter or the Official Ground Page

I apologize for the inconvenience this bug has caused, and if you run into any other issues, please report them to our support team.


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