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[Savegame]'Host migration' or: Is there (still) a way to send my friends a savegame so that they can continue playing?

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Hello everyone!

Google isn't helping bc there was a simple copy&paste solution during last summer/autmn and it was simply copy the savegame out of the 'saved games' folder located in on c:\users\{user}\saved games and send this folder with the savegame to a friend.

But now, my friend figured out that the game is basically IGNORING his savegame folder. He can delete all savegames (singleplayer) and they would be still listed as available. Adding my savegame in that folder DOES NOT add it ingame so that it can be loaded. It's like a cloud save feature is ingnoring/restoring all changes made to this folder.

We have tried the "savegame export feature", which creates an "exported" folder but it makes no difference when "importing".


It is really frustrating bc we are 4 people but not always can the host (me) be online for every single session.


All 4 ppl are playing via Gamepass on PC

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