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I would love a mod if anyone is interested in it. A cipher subclass that is basically Psion but with the added ability of "The complete self" ability but for wizard spells only. So in theory it should work by cast fireball >crit >generate focus. 

That's pretty much it. I think it would be pretty fun if anyone is interesting in humoring me.



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You should make it happen, it would only require changing one thing.  This is the status effect that links crits to the second effect, gaining focus:

"$type": "Game.GameData.StatusEffectGameData, Assembly-CSharp",
"DebugName": "The_Complete_Self_SE_ApplyOnEvent",
"ID": "962ed740-cbec-4da4-8055-241acaf726e0",

It's in the statuseffects.gamedatabundle file.  In that specific section of code where this status effect is, it limits it to Cipher attacks via:

"ClassTypeID": "ccdc9675-e2a7-46fa-83e9-7a5368b56265"

So just change it to the wizard's class ID, acfd1303-4699-4939-91eb-6ac46d4af0bd.

This would do exactly what you want, but now you'd want to copy these effects and their linked ability code, and create a sub-class out of it.  Rename the DebugName, create new IDs for them, create new text strings to describe them, etc.


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