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Rough-Draft Idea but hoping people can add onto it. All of these should be considered optional for gameplay purposes as not everyone would want to dabble in engineering, but it would be a good add-on for those that do. Scaled-down engineering, could possibly use a different type of science, but just some ideas.

*Electrical Engineering:

- Button Battery Generators

- Thermal Generator (Burns stuff)

- Aphid Wheel Generator

- Ant Wheel Generator (generated more power than aphid)

- Light Bulbs

- Minable Copper Ore (not unlike quartzite)

- Copper Wires for connecting electricity


- Connects to pond or other water system

- Water filtration cleans water

- Requires Power to Run

*Different metal ores can be smelted for armor in the thermal generator when combined with a fuel source.

my ideas are pretty vague so I was wondering if anyone else had any ideas:)

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