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New player (old BG veteran though) looking for advice on PC class choice in regards to party comps. (PotD) and also in relation to being still viable in Deadfire

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I haven't been past Defiance Bay yet, as I just can't make up my mind there. 

The classes I find the most interesting from a concept POV are the Druids, Ciphers (because mind readers) and Chanters. But still as a frontliner :)

Now, my most important questions are: 

Which of these 3 stays strong until late in both games while focusing on the more talkative stats (Res/Int/Per and maybe Mig)? From what I've read here, Chanters seem to be the best candidate for that, as I can ignore Dex and pump the other stats even more. 

On the other hand which of these 3 is the strongest for a constantly switching party composition? Because I want to see as much of the games as possible in one go, I would like to switch party members regularly.

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