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...is tempering Abydon possible, if you...?

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...is tempering Abydon possible, if you...?

  • didn't finish Act II before, means...
    • no "animancer hearings"
    • Aloth doesn't made enough progress (not sure what is needed, just had a short conversation in the temple below copper-lane so far)
  • if your party doesn't contain
    • Pallegina (can she support without starting Act III?)
    • Maneha (let her forget)
    • Aloth (does he needs to be part of the party?)

...as you don't even have the chance to get enough arguments - not even talking about winning them!

Besides the fact, that I bound the souls to the White Forge, I didn't do anything wrong so far, but did I do enough to temper Abydon?

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