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How exactly is crew recruitment handled?

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I'm 99% done with a mod that tweaks most of the available crew around: i.e. changing their job specializations, portraits and icons, and their equipped weapons and armor and so far I've figured all that out perfectly. The mod is good to go. However, I just noticed that there's a crew member named Disciple Iztla in the files who was probably cut for whatever reason and since she's the only female savannah human in the entire crew roster, I want to add her to the available crew for hire at either Port Maje or Neketaka. The problem is, unlike item lootlists, I cannot find which .gamedatabundle file references the crew interface; I can find where inn rooms are listed and I've tried the script in this tutorial but it seems it only works for items items. I've found OpenCrewRecruitment scripts in the .conversationbundle files for the vendors/towns I need, but I can't figure out how I'd add one more (existing) crew to a harbor's recruitment menu.  

I tried looking in the files for the Scalawags Pack since it adds new crew, but there's only four very short .gamedata files in its folder and literally nowhere in any of them does it reference lootlists or the harbor supply interface. It's like all the pack does is add three new NPCs/ship crew components and then they just magically show up in the game.

Am I missing something here? I really just want to re-enable an NPC that's already in the game files.

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