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[REQUEST] Rebalance the ratio of Larva to Grubs

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Dear Devs, when you announced after the last major update that Larva would possibly be a surprise when digging for Grubs, I was excited. Now I hate it. You want us to make smoothies (like, that's a big part of the game, no?). But finding Grubs for Grub Goop is nearly impossible now unless you make that your sole mission. I haven't found a Grub in my last 3 sessions - It's always Larva. It would be a total joke trying to make Grub Armor now, especially since the armor set isn't even that good. The only reason I can still make smoothies is because I had ample Grub Goop saved up from before the 0.8 update. Please give this some attention. Thank you very much, you guys rock! 

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Well, they're only found in one specific place, but they do respawn and you get 30 at a time. Im not gonna say where they are unless you specifically ask, in case you'd like to come across them on your own. Let me know if I can help. Im on Xbox and have grub goop i'm not even using if you want it.

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