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New building and repairs

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I'm very upset. I see the new update and all the new ways to build, (mind you I haven't played since you added Bees and Mosquitos) so I was excited about all the new ways to build my bases. However, I get on and see not only is armerglue non effective anymore, but my stockpile of chests that took hours to accumulate of super armorglue and regular armorglue are pointless. Also, tool repair has become ridiculous as well. The level 2 axe requires bombardier parts? The mint mallet requires berry leather and an eagles beek? (I'm exaggerating) but I already built the tool. I shouldn't have to use extra resources to repair my armor and tools. You're making it very discouraging to even want to play. Building is what makes this game amazing and it's just too much considering I run through my level 2 axe in a matter of minutes. (I play on a very hard difficulty) 

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