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hey guys, i really love the game

it makes me feel nostalgic about a lot of things from my childhood
i think that some things that would be interesting in the game would be like

if we're using full set of ant armor and get attacked, nerby ants would come and help us until we defeat the threat or all of us get killed.

some ability to ride bees or another kind of flying bugs would also be nice, along with the possibility to have them as pets.

a new equipment made of spider chunks that would allow us to climb surfaces like walls or tree branches would also be super cool


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Great suggestions.  Would love to see an option for riding a lady bug as well, with a designated route mapped out along the trench like paths

already in place in the game. Hopped on one the other day and it was amazingly fun to just mosey along without a care in the world, but we just

went around in circles.  Also, if wearing a suit of ladybug armor while riding, she will consider the player as a friend and will defend against all

enemies that attack you.  (Though, I would love another way to get ladybug parts without having to kill one. They are just too cute to kill. ) 

In fact, more peaceful critters in the backyard would be nice: Butterflies, snails, caterpillars, potato bugs.....etc. Not many, but a few to balance

off the elite bullies that seemed to be overpopulating the garden lately.  Friendly, nonaggressive, and respectful of player homes and property. 


And yes, another use for spider chunks. If I kept all the spider chunks that dropped in the game, I'd have to build an entire warehouse for storing them. Mosquitos are getting out of hand as well. I've had to trash tons of resources, because a single player just has so little need to keep them on hand.

Don't need that many swords.  And the spider armor is not that great to begin with...so, one is enough. (Just for an achievement and show.)


        A spider cape (part camouflage, part defensive) for those times the player just wants to pass by unnoticed

                or have the cape give the player extra dodge abilities when fighting spiders. Any aggressive move though.......and the fight's on.

        Spider goggles:  increases spider sense and vision in dim places.

       Make an Anti-dote for spider venom using rare ingredients spread across the backyard plus spider parts, venom...etc. (Could be a new quest line. )
       Use the mosquito beak for spikes on a new mace weapon. (More mint please.) :) 

        Spider skeleton drops for a more powerful hammer or armor.   The drops can be rare to make it balanced. 

Just a few ideas. Hope this inspires Obsidian to new possibilities.  Like always, love the game.  And .......have fun. :) 






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