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Hello everyone,


I would like to pick your brains as to how to play a mindstalker beguiler/debonaire.  After a few months off, I am back for my next run in deadfire! (POTD, all upscale, non-solo)


I decided on trying beguiler debonaire:  stats are below

race: human (to exploit fighting spirit)

I focused on maxxing, near maxing INT, DEX, and PER, and dumped RES a little, MIG and and CON are normal values

Now, I have trouble deciding on a weapon choice. Due to the Cowardice debuff, I cannot play a traditional flanking rogue role, unless I micro in soemone to always be near me. Instead, it feels that range weapons are a better choice. so that I always have party members nearby.  Problem is, the short range of charm spells will get me into closer quarters.  At first, I was thinking of trying a dagger or rapier build, but it feels like pistols or hunting bow (essence interruptor) might be better.  I could even boost my accuracy with borrowed instincts. However, this begs the question, why not play ranger If i will be a dedicated range build?  Here is how I am thinking as a rotation of skills:

1. Deception spells: Phantom Foes, Eye strike, secret horrors to soften up mobs. 

2. charm back liners, problematic mobs flanking my back line 

3. focus fire with party (rogue resources) 

4. repeat. 

5. When I get disintegrate, I will use that on charmed enemies. 


Thank you!




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