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Why is my Import Save called Lighthouse?

Lennard Noller


Just starting POE2, on Game Pass. I played and finished the first one years ago, I think on GoG. I still have my completed save game file, and all other save games. Tried copying it over to other various save game folders suggested in various places, including for POE2, but nothing else pops up, even if restart the game from a new save and restart the computer. Here's the weird thing. This one save game that appears available for import, is bizarrely named "Lighthouse", which I believe was way back in Defiance Bay, much earlier in the game. The thumbnail however does correctly look like the end of the game, based on more googling. Also the date appears accurate, meaning that it is on the same day when I apparently finished the first game, I'm basing that on the "Last Modified" section of Windows. I'm attaching a screenshot from the POE2 import moment to show what I mean.




So, the questions is: Is this actually a complete save file? How can I tell? Any way to check? I obviously don't want to import a game file from only partially through the game, or somehow broken. I was surprised I had to remake my character and he didn't seem to know Eder at the beginning, but perhaps that was just an in-character joke, I'm not certain. Sorry if I've missed something obvious, appreciate any insight, stalling my playthrough until I feel confident I've done this correctly.

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That's the name given to all final saves, so far as I know. It's almost a complete game save; it saves right before the final dialogue where you choose what to do with the souls (you may remember the game seeming to freeze for several seconds when you interacted with the machine--that was it creating the save) so what you do with the souls won't carry over, but everything else will. Dialogue options implying you don't know/remember Eder are for new players who didn't play the first game. When you get to the beach and he joins your party, check his equipment. You'll see he has a medallion, and it's item description should match his ending slide from the first game.

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