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Feedback about Traps getting damaged

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I play everyday with my dad, niece, and nephew for an hour. We play on Whoa! 
After creating so many traps, and building up resources we are greatly disappointed to have all our traps be destroyed in 4 hits. This game change may be "realistic" but it greatly takes away from the "fun factor". Realism isn't always fun. We often play games to escape reality, to relax, and have fun. All four of us do not like Traps getting damaged as they now do. Keep the game fun! Don't change what works. Traps are way too hard to build just for them to be so quickly destroyed. Even if traps could take 15 hits on Whoa! It'd at least allow a window of time to repair them. 


Thanks for hearing my feedback. Anyone else on the subject feel free to share your feedback as well! 


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It boggles the mind that the developers of Grounded think that this change to traps is a good and reasonable one.  Seriously. I've legit tried to understand it but I can't.

If their goal was to ruin an entire category of blueprints to the point where nobody can effectively use them for their intended purpose - then mission successful? Who would even care to use them again? That one in a hundred dedicated trapper/repair tool fanatic that loves spending their entire game day(s) hovering over their traps and doing nothing else for fear that one minute away will see everything destroyed?

......Yeah, that's not me. Nor anyone else I know or any streamer I watch. The smartest thing to do now is deconstruct all my traps so I can get half my materials back.

RIP Traps.

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There are a few issues and solutions that I can see with the traps as they are now.

1) They are far too easy to damage. I have a mosquito shelter/trap that is basically a platform with a bunch of spike traps on it that I can hide under. A single mosquito will destroy one trap before dying to another. The trap health bar should be WAY higher than that. Like 4 or 5 times, if they decide to keep the current system. The constant attention they need now isn't enjoyable. 

2) You lose a lot of resources when they go. They aren't particularly easy to make. Especially when you want to have lots of them. Weed husks need a tier 2 axe or dandelions and the spikes need to be harvested from thistles.  If the devs need to have the traps take damage, my solution would be to have the traps do reduced damage once their health bar drops to zero, rather than disappearing altogether.  That way you'd still need to keep an eye on them if you wanted maximum efficiency but it wouldn't be the end of the world once they start taking hits.

3) Smaller creatures shouldn't do any damage. Weevils and aphids should be killed without penalty. 

4) Regenerating creatures really screw the balance. I had a bunch of traps set up to kill orb weavers. One had taken the bait.  The traps were destroyed quickly so I moved in to see if I could finish it off.  It ran away and came back a few seconds later with full health.  My time, traps and resources had been completely wasted because creatures can magically heal themselves.  While this 'feature' is part of the game, damage to traps should not have been added.  Creatures should only heal after hours of rest and feeding.

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Single player, pc:

I have really, really  tried to work with the new updated changes to the traps in game.  (Always ready to find the positive if I can.)

And this time, I was grateful for a chance to use my new (and now fully operational) repair tool  on something worthwhile.....the defense of

the treehouse! Save the traps! 

Three days, two deaths and 5 repair tools later.....I waved a white flag, demolished the traps for scrap and put up a for sale sign. (Sigh)

You are right. This change is overpowered chaos. And not even realistic.  How can a soft bellied fuzz ball with legs attack rows of long sharp thorns 

with the same punch reserved only for the dreaded wolf spider? If this continues,  Mr. Wolf had better hang up his web and retire in shame.  A new

terror now rules the backyard. 

Suggestions:  Repairing the Repair Tool......very helpful

                       No damage by smaller creatures: mite, worker ant, aphids etc. 

                       Miner damage when stronger creatures (spiders, solider ant, mosquito) are killed by the trap

                       Major damage when stronger creatures are deliberately aggravated or attacked when taking damage near traps

                               (they actually attack the trap in response to being attacked by player)

                      A longer repair reach while fixing the spike trap. (R.I.P prevention.)

                      Also, the lure trap takes damage when you are trying to repair it. It shouldn't take damage from the player at all.

                      The red blinking repair icons should disappear after the repair line is green. Some stay 'on' until you save and reload. 

                      The repair tool should not wear out so quickly.  Or create a new upgraded repair tool that is all around hardier. :)

Otherwise, I love most of the new update. Especially the new battle music for little creatures. Saves from having a heart attack when

you think you're being attacked by a spider or worst.....then a mite shows up. :) 




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