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"Assassin" Perk isn't working

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I just took on a flaw that I see as completely superfluous, excited to pick up the extra perk. I had been curious about "Assassin", so I checked out what it did, checked all my weapons to see which ones it would effect, and noticed that it would boost not just my backup sidearm (the Light Pistol mark 3, without a silencer; listed with a noise range of 2.5m) but also my main, my Assault Rifle Ultra (functionally, the mark 2 - that's down to 1.579m with the silencer). (Curiously, it won't help my sniper rifle, the Hunting Rifle Hyper, which has a noise range of 3m even after the silencer.)

So I took the perk... and saw no change. If it had boosted *only* my sidearm, then I'd come to the conclusion that it doesn't work for modded weapons (which would be FANTASTICALLY stupid), but it didn't even boost my sidearm. So... what gives? Anybody know? Is the perk broken, or just the stats?

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the bug isn't the perk, its the item detail view showing a smaller noise radius than is actually there. for some reason if you have a supressed weapon at some point, the item menu bugs out and shows all your weapons as suppressed when they aren't. a suppressed light pistol should benefit from assassin, as would a number of energy weapons, but most ranged weapons are too loud to work with assassin even with a suppressor. if it also doesn't include weapon mods, i can't think of any weapons that would work with the perk

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