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  1. it was a bug on all platforms affecting any save file with enough autosaves since the most recent patch. apparently some consoles were patched, but PC, or at least the EGS version, has yet to be updated. Its no fun having all world transitions or autosaves crash to desktop.
  2. Well i started yet another save file and this time, it won't let me load the monarch wilds after completing a number of quests there previously. However the version is the epic game store version, and they are notoriously slow at uploading patches/dlc. current version: Im getting real tired of EGS...
  3. I started a new save to play up to the DLC, however instead of crashing constantly in the new DLC, which i have yet to touch, im crashing constantly on the hope. Save is effectively locked as i can neither progress nor leave the hope to go do anything else.
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