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My friends and I have been playing a lot lately and loving the game,  couple of things though. When you cut the grass down it should grow back, but when you cut it down then cut the little piece sticking out of the ground, it shouldn’t grow back. We constantly have grass growing through the base and it’s quite annoying. Also maybe add some more insects, maybe more scary insects would be really cool, the thrill and fright a bit from getting chased by a wolf spider is fun. Maybe even like One snake that is going to be hard to kill, you’d need 4 friends to kill him, but he just wanders the map and you gotta look out for him. We are having troubles with backpacks getting stuck and not attainable, and only being able to retrieve once isn’t really helpful, also it doesn’t retrieve my friends bags. More areas and stuff to find.

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I think the grass work opposite of what you are saying.  If you cut it all it shouldn’t grow back.  If you leave the stump it should grow back.  To keep it from growing through base try to dig the stump up under your base.    This is my understanding of how the grass works.  I could be wrong but worth a try. 

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Hmm wait..  I just reread your post.  Misunderstood the first time lol.     So you have cut the grass, even the stump and it is growing back?   They must have changed it.   Nothing that I have completely cleared out is coming back.  But the stumps regrow.   Kind of  bummer on mine because I have to go further away to get grass to the oak tree.  

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