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Diving bell spiders

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Can we like chill out with the number of diving bell spiders? I'm at the point in the game now with full ladybug armor minus the helmet when I'm diving, that they're not like a huge problem or anything by themselves, but it's kind of annoying trying to explore the lake and I get attacked every 5 seconds. Like you don't even get attacked that much in the backyard rummaging through the grass and stuff. One, two, three of them okay I get it.

My example that brought me here, I just went to get bones from the lake.

Swimming from the lily pad that my house is on, down toward the bones I fought three spiders when I got in the water, two more after I swam for about five seconds, three more at the entrance to the cave, and three more after that inside the cave. 

The other thing is even though they don't hit super hard it's annoying to fight them. They will swing once, you block, and then they dash back like 40 yards and you have to sit there and be like okay I'll wait no problem. It's just a totally unnecessary irritation.  

It's not that they're difficult it's just they're super abundant to a ridiculous point. We don't really have any super good underwater weapons at this time. So can we take a serious look at the diving bell spawn rate or population rate? 

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