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Sugestion about climbing.

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I believe it'd be very useful if the player was able to do small climbing.

It doesn't need to be a big climbing or anything too much. Just automatically climb once the player is near an edge.

That'd be useful in several areas, probably the most obvious is at the pond, where the player'd climb a lily pad or a rock to get out.

Thought, it'd be useful as well in areas where the terrain is full of upper obstacles, and the character get stuck all the time.

I believe i've made myself understandable enough on what i meant.

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This would def be a good add IMO.  Jumping out of the hatches into the lab always mess me up.   Not sure if it’s the angle or what but pretty sure I bounce back like I’m hitting a wall and land in the water at least 5 times before my character will actually jump out and land on surface. I just thought I was doing it all wrong lol.  I see videos and people jump right out no problem idk.     Lily pads are a bugger also.  

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