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Support for 64 bit (Mac OS Big Sur + Catalina)?



I just purchased PoE II: Obsidian Edition on Steam, only to find that it's 32-bit and (according to them) incompatible with my machine, an iMac running Big Sur. Is anything being done to expand support for 64-bit OSes? Otherwise that's something like $60 down the drain. Would love to experience this game - please help!

I'm exploring the options on this Reddit thread but they're all quite hacky. Official support would be preferred.

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Can confirm, it’s permissions related. After manually allowing Input Capture and Full Disk Access in System Preferences, I hit start and let it sit for a couple hours - it eventually ran!

For the commandline/terminal-savvy amongst us, I’m sure there’s a chmod command that could be run at the root directory wherever PoE II installs... PoE II started up before I explored that route, but would love input in that direction.

Note on graphics: frame rate is quite laggy on the default settings. Running mine on low seemed to fix.

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