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Animancer = Artificer

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I’ve been playing Poe 1&2 and I’ve heard throughout the two games how significant animancy is to the overall story in Poe 1&2. I recently viewed Artificer of D&D Tasha's Cauldron of Everything, and this is a fitting description of Animancer.


Animancers doesn’t function like the Wizards but they are more like engineers or tinkers. Instead of electricity, the animancer use anima or essence to power their animated vessel summons.


The animancer doesn’t to be only a summoner. They can use essence to charge and enchant weapons and items. Animencers could have spells but since they are tinkers, they use spell slots to recharge items and discharge for spell slot.


Poe world already had an artificer-like class minus the alchemy. Animancer would be the 12th class in future.

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I think animancer class could be very cool, and even better - an animancer companion! (We sort of got it with Ydwin, but as a sidekick her point view is underrepresented). 
The only thing I would be wary of, is how to impliment it without interfeering with how animancers work in lore. Summoning vessels is problematic - needs a harvesed soul to transfer into a vessel, and from what we know it is a delicate and difficult process - in short not something one can do in the middle of battle while conjuring mechanical bodies out of their arse. 

Perhaps, rather then summoning them out of thin air, they could have a singular permament vessel companion? Like rangers? One they could work on an improve as they level up?

I could see animancer acting more like alchemist, if granades were fleshed out more.

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