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It appears I have hit some upper limit on the number of manual saves I can have.  Up until a day or so ago, when I hit 'options' and then 'save' I'd get a box that said "NEW SAVE DATA" (or some such) then the option screen to resume, et al.  When I do that now, I get returned to a list of saves that ends with one I saved... several days earlier.

Is there any way to clear out old saves to make room for new ones?  I haven't found any such option in the settings - but that doesn't mean there isn't one somewhere.

(An aside to the developers ... if there ISN'T, there SHOULD be.)


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Yes there is actually its under the load menu!

I cant speak for PS however here is the general tip and I imagine there will be some sort of equivalent option.


*Hover over the file you would like to delete

*Press the equivalent key to remove save file. (Xbox Y Delete Save)

*Confirm Delete and there you go!


I have attached three example files where you can see this option PS(X) Xbox as well as Windows PC




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